Friday, August 17, 2012

Exciting news!!!!

"Fred" who is one of Maroo's buddies from the original Missouri group of rescue dogs....was recently in a "Fashion Show" in that is exciting news!!!!!  

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

too much time gone folks need an update! most good things in life become better with, antiques, precious art, handsome men, beautiful women.  so do relationships with dogs....and some people too...although we will save that story for another day.   for some reason I realized that I started this blog almost 3 years ago maybe a bit over 3 years...and for the past year I have not been back to visit it once....shame on me!  the good new is that Maroo is doing just wonderful...and I mean sincerely...not just saying that to pacify you all because I have not been here to tell you on a regular basis how he has been doing and adjusting.....

I cannot say that he will really ever be like a "normal" dog....and God forbid why would he want to be....sometimes "normal" dogs can be as boring as watching paint dry or bread  dough rise...although I find bread  dough rising very exciting...but we are talking about "normal" and I don't exactly fit into that category Maroo is in good company... he's with me...and the pack he lives with that love him very much...regardless of how much of a pain in the ass he can be at times with the other dogs....I mean this in a very loving and respectful way...because he had a huge disadvantage growing up....he never really was taught or shown how to play appropriately with other dogs....I mean how the hell could he for goodness sake....he and the other 17 dogs were all kept in a cage together with no room to turn around playing was not on his list of things to do each day....and isn't it the mother of the litter who first initiates the play response in her litter of pups...she teaches them how to play and how to stand up for themselves...moms do this in all species....since the beginning of time...I am sure of it.   so without his  own mother there to guide him and show him right from was he suppose to know that you don't jump on another dog's head and bite him or her so hard that it is obvious that it hurts....and how about when he feels the need to lift his leg on every dog in the yard and pee on is not a "marking" ritual opinion is that male dogs when they are learning to lift their legs and pee need a focus point....a bush, tire of a car, street sign, fire hydrant...well locked up in a cage with the other dogs he learned to pee on the other dogs because they were the only object close enough to him while going from puppyhood to adolescence....pretty sad huh?

well now that I either made totally depressed or have given you something to think about....I will leave you with this....  I really think I need to come back here at least once a week to update on Maroo of course but to also update and tell you stories of my other dogs too...after all "Archie" is Maroo's father and he is a permanent fixture in my home since I decided to not foster him any longer and to adopt his little butt....and I am so glad I did...I don't think I have ever in my life met or had the privilege of meeting such a loving dog as "Archie"....too bad cute little Maroo could not have learned a few things about love from him....but there is really not doubt in my mind that Maroo does not love me as well....and I him....even though he has an infinity for my "Bose" rear speaker wires...I cannot tell you how many times I have had to re-wire those bad boys after Maroo decided to do a wire stripping number on them....what an odd thing to like...but the shiny copper center of the wire must be very attractive...I am just glad he does not eat the wire...just chews off the plastic coating after he searches out where I have concealed the wires in the room.....odd very odd

ok....that's it for I said...I am going to try to make a point of coming back here more often these days....thanks for reading...and God bless....Rus and Maroo :)  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween....scary for some, but not my Maroo!

I remember Maroo's first Halloween last year...he still was adjusting to meeting new people although he had come miles compared to the first few weeks after I had first brought him into my life. For many dogs Halloween can be a stressful night because not only are you dealing with a constant flow of visitors coming to your door...but most of these visitors are in costume! Through a dog's eyes this can be a very frightful experience and not in the spirit of a ghost and goblin filled Halloween neither! Since dogs primarily work on their two major senses when greeting strangers....sent and sound. Sight can be at a disadvantage when these goblins are dressed in costume. The majority of my pack will bark with gusto non stop until they feel safe and secure that this 4 foot "Frankenstein" is of no threat to them from a dog's point of view.

This past Sunday evening with Halloween upon us, the air was filled with much anticipation for both four legged and two as the events were about to unfold! Bowls overflowing with shiny wrapper filled candy...the scents of Autumnal candles through the house...frightening music playing non stop...yes it was Halloween in full bloom my pack and you were all about to experience it once it again...With thrills and chills as the doorbell rang and those little monsters and demons waited patiently for a handful of chocolate delight! Normally I would rotate bringing each dog with me to greet the Trick-r-Treaters at the door ..but with some of my girls still in "season" I was limited to which pack member I could share this experience with....I choose Maroo this year to be my doorway companion to greet the children since he has always felt safe around those just as innocent as he is...But innocence in costume might not paint the same picture as a greeting under normal circumstances. Since Maroo is my smallest and lightest Tibetan Terrier there is never a problem with me picking him up and holding him against my chest if necessary. But I filled my pockets with doggie treats none the less... just in case I needed an advantage if he became afraid.

With both pockets and bowls filled with treats for both four legged and two...I sat waiting as each ghoul approached the house. Maroo stood guard with me, not barking but almost a gleeful scream when he would see these visitors come close. Not once did he back away or stand behind me as he has done so many times in the past. Boldly he stood guard and checked out each visitor with sniffs and licks as they uttered those famous words "Trick or Treat" To my amazement he did not show once ounce of anxiety and if I did not know better, he was actually enjoying the job of handing out these treats! A few times he would stand up on his back legs and do his little prancing routine as much as to as to say..."look at me, I'm a kid too"!

This evening proved to me once again just how far my little man has come since the days when walking on a leash in public was an issue for him....I never pushed this issue with him and decided at the start that I would just let time be our guide and allow things to happen when he was ready to accept new situations. If he was unable to, no sweat....he had more than enough entertainment just staying in the dog yard and house with my other dogs.

I was so proud of Maroo this Halloween, I think he enjoyed it more than I did....In my wildest dreams would I ever expect him to be so brave on such a horror filled night...Halloween is not for the weak of heart...only those brave souls can endure the thrills and chills this evening delivers....the sounds, the scents, the sights of pure evil had nothing on my Maroo....he just licked this horror away with a heart filled with love...and the courage of a lion :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday at Susan's

Today, Saturday....I brought 3 of the boys over to my good friend Susan's house so that they could enjoy her beautiful fenced-in yard! This has become a pleasant outing for my dogs a few times each month...and I normally will bring 2 or 3 dogs with me, and rotate who I bring each time. Last week it was "girls day out" and this week it was "boys just wanna have fun" day :) I included Maroo with Nobu and Aiden for this special afternoon treat...
I have commented this past year about just how much Maroo has adapted and changed for the better in so many ways compared to how he was initially when I first adopted him...My God he was so withdrawn in those early days...and to see him now, running and jumping in the air on a gorgeous Fall afternoon at Susan's was so heartwarming! He loves to play with each dog he meets and of course the dogs in his pack here at home.... But to be honest here, Maroo just does not play.....he completely loses track of who he is and where he if he is on a completely different level than just a four legged creature who barks and lifts his leg to pee...He transforms himself into joy itself....the smiles and love that radiate from his small little tail wagging frame is so obvious that it is almost impossible to miss! It is well researched and documented that dogs do have the ability to smile...and this research has shown many different types of expression ranging from a smile after a tickle to an all out body trembling laugh...if you can imagine that!
You can always tell by the dog's eyes if they are truly happy or not....and when the corners of the dog's mouth actually mimic what we as humans call a smile! With his tongue out and his eyes almost completely closed as two little Maroo is smiling!

This afternoon was a fun time for dogs and people alike....playing Frisbee and fetch...running after each other ( just the dogs did this :) and taking small breaks in the shade when they would collapse all fours and lay in the cool green Autumn grass under a shade tree. Once rested, it is back to the running and chasing again! All 3 of my boys had a wonderful time playing with Melody and Domino this afternoon...they love exploring new places with new friends, although Mel and Dom are actually very familiar faces to them since they are part of their extended family.

Yes it does the heart good to see such wonderful progress Maroo has made since those early days....he actually will go up to strangers now! He might not get as close to them so that they would be able to pet him...but he is close enough so that he can decide if this is what he wants or not. A year ago he would not even approach someone he did not know. He would stand to side of me or behind me between my legs trying his hardest to hide from what he perceived as possible danger...

Life was good today for Maroo....and I have a very strong feeling that it will be the same way tomorrow!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Summer....another season

As usual I have been so busy I have not been able to return to Maroo's blog to update or add any new information....but as luck would have it, today I was inspired to do so. Well lets just say right off the bat that Maroo is doing awesome! He has pretty much left his old life behind him and has joined the ranks of the North Star group of Tibetan Terriers with proper status :) He has remained well liked by all of my dogs from day one...but instead of the pity in their eyes for him it has changed to admiration! His antics are always something to talk about at the end of the day by his human counterparts, me included....Antics like chasing his tail in the yard until he finally collapses on the ground and begins to role on his back! Another game he enjoys is riding the backs of the larger dogs like a circus pony...and with amazement they allow it! No fighting and no attitudes when it comes to Maroo and the others....they love him and he adores each and every one them! He finds his most enjoyment with the younger guys, "Aiden" and "Tara" just 10 months old themselves.. because of the similar size between them...he enjoys joining in with them on "running games" Oh they can run and run until the cows come home....and would run with them once the "Moo Machines" hit the barn too...LOL~ At night he settles in with the sophistication of a Champion Pekingese...on top of a pillow like a Prince among Princes...never demanding and always quick to lick the hand that feeds him....kisses come with ease from Maroo and he kisses often! You can always find him in the evening above your head on the sofa...wagging his tail to sleep, thinking I am sure of the day's activities behind him...falling softly off to that place where all dogs go in sleep...and me wondering at times, what is he dreaming about? Yes life for Maroo had become so much better I have almost forgotten how he was in those early days....running and hiding from anything that he did not feel safe from....leaving the other dogs at the fence to bark at strangers passing by....but now he is the front runner at that same fence, barking and barking and barking....oh how I love that sound.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Now that summer is over....

Now that Summer is over and Fall is upon us, I can finally spend more time updating my Maroo's blog......I am amazed at just how far my little boy as come since this past March when he first came home with me! So much of what he does now and how he reacts to the world around him is so appropriate.....He still is an extremely loving dog who could spend an entire day just licking my face :) So....check back for daily, weekly, and monthly updates about Maroo and the world around him!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Vacation....

Well I have finally gotten around to posting on my boy Maroo's blog....It has been too long since I have written anything here and I honestly feel bad about that....One of the main reasons is that summer has arrived in full force and all that goes with it.....dogs arriving for grooming customers....the continuing story of "Webster"...and a laundry list of other assorted chores and it has been busy to say the least.....But I am very happy to report that Maroo is doing excellent! He has become an extremely happy boy...making new friends each week......and forming an even stronger bond with his best bud "Webster".....I will be writing more each week now that life has settled down here at the North Star home....