Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a busy month for running in the rain...

I feel really bad that I have not been updating Maroo's blog these past few weeks but things have been so busy that I have not had the chance to sit down without any distractions to type a single word........But this morning I am able to.

These past few weeks have been very trying as far as the weather is concerned since the sun has not been out all that much and it has been raining at one point each and every day! The dogs who do not mind the rain have actually have had enough of it! My poor Sabrina and Liza who normally won't set foot on wet grass in the morning just look at me like "you have got to be kidding" when I ask them to go out and "go potty" :) Of course as usual Maroo loves all that water in the play yard......He will run in that yard for an hour getting soaking wet without a second thought! He tries to get the other dogs involved with his running through the wet grass but they only look at him like he is nuts........but he just continues, running and jumping with a huge smile on his face. Then when it is time for him to come in I have to practically put him on the grooming table with the blow dryer to dry his coat again...The other day I brought Maroo to work with me to the grooming salon and he had is weekly bath.....he looked so good and smelled even better. Once he got back home and ran in the yard he looked like he just stepped out of the bath tub......but he still smelled great :) I don't know what makes him different from my other dogs as far as the wet grass and rain is concerned....perhaps it is that he really never had this treat to experience when he was growing up in the puppy mill........God only knows what other things we take for granted that he would get a thrill over? I only know that watching him have so much joy in his heart running through a soaking wet play yard can make my day even on a day when I think I have nothing to smile about........Maroo always brings me back to who I am and why I am here on this planet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Luna and Maroo part two...

Well yesterday was another big win for Luna at the dog show......much to my surprise the judge gave her Best of Breed over the champions entered....We tried our best in the group but the breed rosette is all we came home with :) Maroo came along for the fun yesterday and since it was finally a beautiful sunny day he totally enjoyed himself playing with Luna before and after she showed.....One of the biggest steps he has taken recently is how he will interact with my sister when she visits.......In the beginning he would shy away from everyone including my sister Gerrill.......but just this past week I observed him going right up to her and giving her licks and kisses with no prompting......She has spent much time with him over these past weeks since she usually helps me with my dogs when I groom or when we are going to a show.......so Maroo is very familiar with who she is......But the fact that he is treating her as a family member now is very exciting! You have to remember that this is the same dog who would zone out when anyone would approach him in the past.....It is very difficult because when I have him with me in public most people want to touch him because he is so damn cute! He still remains shy with strangers but is slowly coming around with the people he continues to see on a regular basis.....I also wondered if Maroo made the connection between Luna, who he adores........and my sister who is Luna's mom? Who knows what language is spoken between our dogs that we cannot truly understand........Perhaps Luna is saying to Maroo........."oh she is ok, she's my mom".........That would explain why Maroo has begun to trust my sister and give her licks and kisses :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maroo's new best bud.....

A couple weeks ago when "Webster" was returned to me I was very cautious when letting him play in the yard with the other dogs........There was no cause for me to be concerned based on any behavior he had displayed but when you bring a non-neutered dog into a pack.....even if that dog was raised as a puppy in that pack and left......things can become a bit dicey. Webby's temperament is lovely........he always interacts with other dogs very appropriate and I like to say he has manners! Richard his full brother and litter mate is very similar to him in temperament and personality.......the happy-go-lucky dog! But with 4 intact males in my pack, 2 being my almost 18 month old Nobu and Richard you still have to be very careful.....Of course my girls are perfect little ladies around new dog friends who are sharing the yard and house with them.........and with the boys they can be little flirts :) So I never have to worry about my boy crazy TT girls in the play yard.........And then there is my Maroo and his dad Archie (who I am still fostering)

Maroo, who is always looking for a new dog friend where ever he goes was very enthusiastic when he first met Webby.......almost to the point that I honestly think that he got on Webby's nerves a bit.........all that jumping and following him around and chasing after him if Webby decided to run.....got old real fast for Webby......Of course Webby did not become nasty with Maroo but would start to avoid him if they were in the yard at the same time........all of this mostly took place the first week he was back home with me. As the days passed by I noticed that Webby and Maroo started forming their own games while playing and Webster would be searching out Maroo in the play yard instead of hiding from him.....These past 3 or 4 days I have seen them running after each other switching who was chasing who every minute or so.........almost like a game of "tag" Maroo has learned when I let Webby out to play and with which other dogs.........If he is not included with that group, Maroo will become very vocal and let me know that he wants to be included with that group so that he and his new best bud can play together! If dogs could smile and most people believe that they really can, Maroo's face lights up when he is out there in the play yard in the middle of a game with Webster.....and of course Webster has found a new pal in Maroo......someone who looks up to him and can run as fast as the wind!

The picture posted above is Webster when he was a few weeks old.........A very cute puppy who has grown up to be a very handsome TT!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well another long week is over....

For some reason this week forever to become Saturday........since the past 2 days have been nothing but rain and today does not look so good, more rain most likely I am sure this is why the week seemed to be so long! Yesterday I brought Maroo with me to the grooming salon for his weekly bat and boy did he look great when I finished bathing and drying him! But as soon as I got home and let him run in the yard while the other dogs needed to be taken outside he was soaking wet!!!! I honestly do not think that there are enough towels in the world when you have a house full of wet Tibetan Terriers to deal with........I brought an entire stack of clean fresh towels up from the laundry room before I let the gang out to run in the wet grass and rain......by the time I towel dried each and everyone of them off before letting them back into the family room I had a load of wash to do! Of course I also had to load up my crated dogs with extra towels as well because there is nothing worse than a wet dog laying on a soaking wet dog bed inside of a crate! YIPES! Maroo I think was the most wet out of all of them since I know he has a passion for water and all things connected to water :) Remember he was the little guy who fell in love with the garden hose a few weeks back.....Oh he will do anything to take advantage of the chance to get his little feet wet.......which would also include.....his legs, stomach, head, tail.......actually his entire body! It is a very good thing that he is small and does not require too much time to dry off....unlike my Richard who also shares this same passion.........I really have to watch him during a wet day outside........he takes a very long time to dry since his coat is very profuse and has much length on it right now........Oh the joys of a raining day and a house full of TTs........there are few things that compare....except perhaps a house full of ducks!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June is busting out all over.......

Well Memorial day has come and gone......Parades, cookouts, dog shows, friends, family, and most importantly...dogs! It was a great weekend and week for that matter....so much happening. Maroo has changed so much for the better over the past month...that once sad look in his eyes has been replaced with an actual sparkle! Playing outside with the other dogs he has become the fastest dog in the yard! No one can seem to catch him when he is running with a toy in his mouth. Oh they try but he seems to be able to maneuver himself in and out of bushes, around trees and patio furniture...up and down the steps of the deck...fast is the name of game with Maroo! Now that Luna, his heart throb has gone back home to my sister's house...."Sabrina" seems to be his new flame...They both are almost the same size which helps when you are chasing each other....The larger dogs seem to not be able to get around all those obstacles like smaller ones do. The weather has been perfect for all play yard activities lately and I know that my dogs are so happy about that.....nothing like sun bathing on a warm Spring afternoon just after having a wonderful meal or treat...chasing the hose as I water the flowers or spray off the deck.....or finding a bird or cat to study in the yard next door....Oh we are all very happy that June is finally here! Maroo seems to be busting out also...busting with excitement and happiness!