Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well now that June if over and I have finally caught a weekend off from dog shows and work, and family obligations.......well not really off from work since my life with my dogs is 24/7 for the most part........but I do have a weekend where I can decide what I am going to do rather than the weekend deciding for me....But I have felt kinda guilty for not writing as much as I have wanted to......spending too much time on Facebook these days and not enough time here on Maroo's blog....And speaking of guilt.....Maroo has a new trick. I figured it would not take him too long but since my other dogs do this it was just a matter of time before he would start "giving me the eye" Oh it all started with my Liza who is an expert at parking herself right in front of you while you are either eating something that she of course wants........or there is a toy sitting out of reach from her and I can reach it for her. She would sit and stare at me and then if that did not work, she would proceed to lick my arms, hands, and work herself up to my face........all in the name of guilt. Well watching Liza and the others do this.....Maroo has figured out just how to get to my heart (like he has not already) and make his every wish come true at my expense :) He has also found a new game outside in the yard....It seems that he loves to hide from me when it is time to come in... This a skill that the others have also developed over the years.....Some call it "selective hearing" I call it just too funny for words........You can stand there at the door and call his name for him to come in and he will find a place to hide and just watch me as I continue to call his name.......finally when I bring the box of "cookies" (dog treats) to the door his attention is all mine again :) Funny how a little baked piece of dog goodness has worked miracles through the ages! But once inside all he has to do is park his little furry butt next to me and start licking my arm and giving me the look and it is back outside again with him..........As long as the day is light and the weather is beautiful I cannot see any reason for him to be inside anyway.......Oh guilt seems to be the name of the game these days.......but not in a bad way. I need to spend less time on Facebook of course and more time enjoying this gorgeous summer weather. I could bring my laptop out onto the deck and surf the web there but the last time I did that a very pretty blue bird flew over and dropped a present right on the middle of my laptop keyboard!!!! took me a half hour to clean it off carefully.............I wonder if that bird also felt guilty?