Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a busy month for running in the rain...

I feel really bad that I have not been updating Maroo's blog these past few weeks but things have been so busy that I have not had the chance to sit down without any distractions to type a single word........But this morning I am able to.

These past few weeks have been very trying as far as the weather is concerned since the sun has not been out all that much and it has been raining at one point each and every day! The dogs who do not mind the rain have actually have had enough of it! My poor Sabrina and Liza who normally won't set foot on wet grass in the morning just look at me like "you have got to be kidding" when I ask them to go out and "go potty" :) Of course as usual Maroo loves all that water in the play yard......He will run in that yard for an hour getting soaking wet without a second thought! He tries to get the other dogs involved with his running through the wet grass but they only look at him like he is nuts........but he just continues, running and jumping with a huge smile on his face. Then when it is time for him to come in I have to practically put him on the grooming table with the blow dryer to dry his coat again...The other day I brought Maroo to work with me to the grooming salon and he had is weekly bath.....he looked so good and smelled even better. Once he got back home and ran in the yard he looked like he just stepped out of the bath tub......but he still smelled great :) I don't know what makes him different from my other dogs as far as the wet grass and rain is concerned....perhaps it is that he really never had this treat to experience when he was growing up in the puppy mill........God only knows what other things we take for granted that he would get a thrill over? I only know that watching him have so much joy in his heart running through a soaking wet play yard can make my day even on a day when I think I have nothing to smile about........Maroo always brings me back to who I am and why I am here on this planet.


  1. He is such a joyful little soul, isn't he !
    And I echo your last line...my Stoker also brings me back to who I am and why I am here on this planet.

  2. Hey Rebecca......Thank you for your comment. Yes that is exactly how I feel most days...He has taught me so much in many unexpected ways!