Monday, June 15, 2009

Luna and Maroo part two...

Well yesterday was another big win for Luna at the dog show......much to my surprise the judge gave her Best of Breed over the champions entered....We tried our best in the group but the breed rosette is all we came home with :) Maroo came along for the fun yesterday and since it was finally a beautiful sunny day he totally enjoyed himself playing with Luna before and after she showed.....One of the biggest steps he has taken recently is how he will interact with my sister when she visits.......In the beginning he would shy away from everyone including my sister Gerrill.......but just this past week I observed him going right up to her and giving her licks and kisses with no prompting......She has spent much time with him over these past weeks since she usually helps me with my dogs when I groom or when we are going to a Maroo is very familiar with who she is......But the fact that he is treating her as a family member now is very exciting! You have to remember that this is the same dog who would zone out when anyone would approach him in the past.....It is very difficult because when I have him with me in public most people want to touch him because he is so damn cute! He still remains shy with strangers but is slowly coming around with the people he continues to see on a regular basis.....I also wondered if Maroo made the connection between Luna, who he adores........and my sister who is Luna's mom? Who knows what language is spoken between our dogs that we cannot truly understand........Perhaps Luna is saying to Maroo........."oh she is ok, she's my mom".........That would explain why Maroo has begun to trust my sister and give her licks and kisses :)


  1. Congratulations on the Best of Breed and it is wonderful that Maroo loves Gerill now too. My TT Stoker is very scared of humans but accepts that those with dogs must be OK. The dogs must reassure him that their human pets are safe.:-)

  2. Yes I was very surprised that he took to my sister so easy......she has not been a dog person for all that long but maybe that is a good thing! Dog people sometimes think they know it all :)