Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well another long week is over....

For some reason this week forever to become Saturday........since the past 2 days have been nothing but rain and today does not look so good, more rain most likely I am sure this is why the week seemed to be so long! Yesterday I brought Maroo with me to the grooming salon for his weekly bat and boy did he look great when I finished bathing and drying him! But as soon as I got home and let him run in the yard while the other dogs needed to be taken outside he was soaking wet!!!! I honestly do not think that there are enough towels in the world when you have a house full of wet Tibetan Terriers to deal with........I brought an entire stack of clean fresh towels up from the laundry room before I let the gang out to run in the wet grass and the time I towel dried each and everyone of them off before letting them back into the family room I had a load of wash to do! Of course I also had to load up my crated dogs with extra towels as well because there is nothing worse than a wet dog laying on a soaking wet dog bed inside of a crate! YIPES! Maroo I think was the most wet out of all of them since I know he has a passion for water and all things connected to water :) Remember he was the little guy who fell in love with the garden hose a few weeks back.....Oh he will do anything to take advantage of the chance to get his little feet wet.......which would also include.....his legs, stomach, head, tail.......actually his entire body! It is a very good thing that he is small and does not require too much time to dry off....unlike my Richard who also shares this same passion.........I really have to watch him during a wet day outside........he takes a very long time to dry since his coat is very profuse and has much length on it right now........Oh the joys of a raining day and a house full of TTs........there are few things that compare....except perhaps a house full of ducks!

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  1. Hi Rus, the love you feel for your TTs shines through your writing. Yes, TTs love water and they are so lucky that you let them get wet and make sure they are dry afterwards. They DO seem to get wetter than other dogs!! A fun day was had by all, it seems !