Monday, June 1, 2009

June is busting out all over.......

Well Memorial day has come and gone......Parades, cookouts, dog shows, friends, family, and most importantly...dogs! It was a great weekend and week for that much happening. Maroo has changed so much for the better over the past month...that once sad look in his eyes has been replaced with an actual sparkle! Playing outside with the other dogs he has become the fastest dog in the yard! No one can seem to catch him when he is running with a toy in his mouth. Oh they try but he seems to be able to maneuver himself in and out of bushes, around trees and patio furniture...up and down the steps of the is the name of game with Maroo! Now that Luna, his heart throb has gone back home to my sister's house...."Sabrina" seems to be his new flame...They both are almost the same size which helps when you are chasing each other....The larger dogs seem to not be able to get around all those obstacles like smaller ones do. The weather has been perfect for all play yard activities lately and I know that my dogs are so happy about that.....nothing like sun bathing on a warm Spring afternoon just after having a wonderful meal or treat...chasing the hose as I water the flowers or spray off the deck.....or finding a bird or cat to study in the yard next door....Oh we are all very happy that June is finally here! Maroo seems to be busting out also...busting with excitement and happiness!

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