Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a dies ex abyssus or "a day from hell"

Late entry, events happened on 5/20/09

Well what was suppose to be a very positive and productive day turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare! First I want to let you know that Maroo is fine and nothing that occurred today involved him in any way.......Wednesdays I usually work from home grooming my client's dogs during scheduled appointments....I was to have 4 dogs today that needed grooming....Since my first dogs owner works very early at a local hospital and I myself am usually up at the crack of dawn I allow her to bring her baby to me on her way to work, which is around problem at all. "Denzel" is one of my puppies from my last litter in 2007 and is also the litter mate and brother to my "Nobu" Denzel is solid black with a small patch of white on his chest........and he is as cute as a button! On the small side for a male Tibetan Terrier but what he lacks in size he makes up in personality! He is a joy to have here during his grooming next 3 dogs were scheduled at 10am and 1030am to be dropped off.........The 10am dog scheduled was "Webster" who is another puppy from my other litter in 2007 and he is also the litter mate and brother to my "Richard"......Webster's owners have had issues with him on and off since he first went home with them over a year ago......I really am too tired right now to go into any real details about this family but I will say that it is NOT Webster's fault! We are talking about people who ask for help, you offer or give the help, and they do what they want to do regardless of the advice you gave them..........This past Fall they wanted to return Webster to me and I was all set to allow this to happen.....just became so sick and tired of all the mentoring I did and it all going in one ear and out the other..........Poor poor Webster to live in a house where no body could get their acts together for his sake! Well this morning after being 40 minutes late for Webster's grooming appointment the owner arrived and told me that she no longer wanted Webster! She stated that he has had many issues and has become very aggressive toward members of the family! I asked how long had this been going on and she told me that it had been for a very long time now...........NOW, I have spoken to the owner several times during the past 3 to 4 months..........even had Webster her for boarding and grooming on several occasions.........and NOTHING was ever mentioned about any problem that occurred in their home concerning Webster???? I asked why they did not contact me or contact a trainer to come to the home to work with Webster......and she told me that they had met with a trainer and she gave them some tips on how to handle Webster's rambunctious behavior.......obviously it was not working since he was still doing what they did not like.......ok, I don't want to go into too many details or we will be here all night :) the bottom line is that she dumped Webster off at my house this morning and even if she did want him just is not happening!

Also this morning my sister who will help me out with grooming on occasion agreed to give me hand all day with my scheduled dogs......She said that she would be there at 9am which would give us plenty of time to even grab breakfast at the local dinner up the street....very good food btw..........Well she showed up at 11am after I called her when she was not here at 9:15.........she over slept.

Well after my sister arrived and we started to groom "Melody" and "Domino", my good friend Susan's two dogs I realized that both dogs were matted pretty badly.......This was very strange because Susan is fanatical about brushing her dogs......but with the change in the weather and some rain that we have had it was understandable that both of them would be starting to "blow coat"......During the grooming of both of these dogs I realized that I would not have time to run to my doctor's office to pick up a prescription that he wrote for me so I asked my sister if she would not mind going while I stayed home and finished Domino............she agreed and asked if she could take my Van.......I said yes. While she outside of the yard near the driveway she called to me and much to my surprise she was holding Luna in her arms! She told me that Luna had gotten out of the yard!!!! I was shocked because the gate was closed and locked and there was no other way for her to exit? I asked her to bring her back in the yard and go out again to see if Luna does it again and to also find out WHERE she was escaping from? Well she left the yard, locked the gate and headed toward the driveway.......In a flash quicker than a blink of an eye Luna ran to the far corner of the yard near the driveway and escaped through a hole in the fence that I could not even imagine a rabbit going through!!!! The first time she escaped she ran right over to my sister but not this time.....she ran right past her and into the street! Well this is just not any this time of the day there are plenty of cars and trucks and Luna was right in the middle of all of them!!!! My sister ran into the street to block the traffic in both directions and kept calling to Luna to come to such luck........Luna was free to run and play this very dangerous game she thought was fantastic! I yelled to my sister to stoop down and call her like she was playing a gamed........Luna finally came over to her and my sister grabbed onto her hair around her neck and secured her by picking her up.......Both of our hearts were pounding so fast and my sister almost started to hyperventilate once the episode was over.....she told me she needed to use the surprise there since I would have l lost all bodily fluids if this had happened to just me and one of my dogs!!! She brought Luna into the house and proceeded to go through the gate between the kitchen and dinning room......this gate is in place to separate both my "Luca" and "Adam" since they do not get along in the slightest and would fight with each other in a New York minute! While I was still outside I had heard some pretty intense growling coming from the family room....I quickly went inside to find both Luca and Adam standing up like two Bears in the wild ready to fight! I immediately grabbed hold of the first dog I could reach and lifted Adam above my head to bring him out of the reach of the midst of doing this Luca had gotten a hold of my right index finger and produced a very painful puncture :( I honestly was not his fault since he and Adam were in the middle of a dog fight.......and I placed myself in the middle by removing Adam.......Once both dogs were removed and safe I took care of my finger by rinsing it and applying a pressure dressing on it........Once both my sister and I had calmed down she left for my doctor's office.........about an hour later she returned and things had calmed least we thought that they had :) I was in the kitchen when I heard my sister call me into the yard with a frantic tone in her voice...........I arrive outside and see my "Olivia" (the other escaped artist) in my neighbor's yard behind my house running with her dog!!! Now their yard is large but it is NOT fenced in.........I called to Olivia in a loud voice and she stopped running and stood there like a statue..........oh she knew she was in trouble.......but with what had happened during the entire day I was in no mood to even get upset about this at all.........I very quickly lifted the bottom of the chain-link fence up and called to Olivia to come over and get her cute little butt back in our yard.........she did with no problem! I did not even have the energy to scold her and actually laughed once I realized what had happened.......So, this was my day from hell........That night when I was all settled in and the dogs were all around me....I was able to reflect back on the events of day and thank God that no real damage was done.......except for my poor finger which was very sore to say the least.

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