Monday, May 11, 2009

We love you "Archie", oh yes we do. We don't love any dog, as much as you....

Well the North Star TT pack just grew larger yesterday afternoon with the arrival of "Archie"......the father/sire of my Maroo. Susan and I decided to share the fostering responsibility for Archie and since she was lucky enough to have him stay with her the past several weeks it is now may turn to enjoy this wonderful boy! She has called me a few times since yesterday to check up on him since she is very attached to him as well......The best thing is that she will still be able to see him since she lives very close and we both work together during the week at her office where she has her practice (she is an MD) I just pray I do not fall in love with him and not return him to her when she wants him back :) Sharing a foster dog is not an unusual situation since there is normally much care involved for one person to handle at this situation works out very well for all involved! Plus it gives Maroo a chance to play and interact with his father.........which I am sure that he misses very much since he left the shelter kennel months ago....The play that goes on between the two of them is hysterical! Maroo jumps on Archie and just does not let if he is hugging him so tightly. My other dogs have accepted him with flying colors! I am so proud of the gang for doing this......At meal time Archie is polite and waits his the family room he finds his spot on the sofa to cuddle up with myself or one of the other dogs......He barks when something is there that is not suppose to be there....and he is just adorable sleeping like a baby after hours of running in the yard! Archie seemed to have a head start on the other rescue dogs from Missouri since he was the only dog who actually looked like a traditional Tibetan Terrier! His size was appropriate and he had a few inches of hair growth that gave him that classic look! Watching him move in the play yard I am impressed with his structure since he moves very well and can turn on a dime........just like some of my other TTs when they play! "Adam" my alpha dog of the house has found a new buddy who is not a threat to him also......seems that Adam can get his tail out of joint with males who are not neutered......but since Archie has been "clipped" pardon the expression.....all is well at North Star :) Right now it is also difficult not to spoil this sweet little boy....he loves to jump onto my lap when I am sitting and gives me the "look" like he knows that I already adore him........Camille is still working on finding Archie a "forever home" but for right now he could not be in a better place......with Susan or myself, Archie will always be loved and treated with the kindness and respect that he so well deserves now that he a liberated puppy mill dog!


  1. I can see a future where Archie has two forever homes, shared by you and Susan. And won't Maroo be pleased by that !!!!

  2. My TT Stoker, is a puppy farm rescue dog. He, too, did have those "old eyes" you mentioned that puppy farm dogs have. He is wonderful now and is learning to trust humans again. He looks so much like Sissy5 he could be her son but we live in UK and he was bred here.
    You are a lovely man Rus and I enjoy your TT family.

  3. Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for posting your very kind comments! I am so pleased that you are enjoying Maroo's blog...God bless, Rus