Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brings May flowers.........

Well April has passed and May is here but since it has arrived we have had nothing but rain, rain, and more rain! This past weekend was a big dog show weekend here in the NJ/PA area.........On Saturday Maroo came along to the Bucks County Kennel Club show while I showed both Richard and Luna at their first outdoor show of the season......He had a blast meeting many new dogs at the show during his walk about the grounds while we went shopping........The rain held off for most of the day but arrived when we were at the show.......Sunday was the Trenton Kennel Club show which is my kennel club, so I had to work the show....It has been some time since I have seen that much rain at a dog show! It poured most of the day and it was not a pretty sight! Maroo was home with my other guys being watched by my niece for the day! Recently Maroo has taken to Marie, my niece and loves to cuddle up with her on the sofa.......even gives her kisses :)

When I returned from the show on Sunday I checked my email and read a very upsetting message from Camille..........Apparently some of the other dogs from the Missouri 18 have had elevated liver enzymes show up in their blood work......"Sissy #5 who I adored at the kennel when we would go and visit has been very sick........Camille has asked everyone who knows her to pray for her so that she recovers from this illness......so sad. God only knows what would have happened to these babies if they had not been rescued when they were from the puppy mill....I cannot even imagine the shape that they would be in right now! Maroo looks so good these days that it is hard to believe that he even came from that place..........his coat is shiny and growing, he has put on weight, he plays with other dogs appropriately, and he is happy! The other dogs who I hear about are also doing great! It does take time to rehabilitate a puppy mill dog but just like the flowers in May which come from those April showers..........Maroo is starting to bloom!

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