Thursday, May 7, 2009

Raining cats and dogs...

Well today was the 9th day of rain that we have had here in the northeast........The sun came out yesterday for a short while and then thunder storms replaced the warm rays of springtime....Normally my dogs do not mind going out when the grass is wet or it is raining lightly. But after 9 days even they have had enough! Maroo on the other hand does not seem to mind if there are sunny skies or rain clouds above........he still enjoys himself running in the yard. Watching him jumping and leaping through the wet grass reminds me of the Gene Kelly movie "Singing in the Rain" He seems to love the feeling of the wetness on his belly because when he comes in from a run outside he immediately jumps onto the sofa and feverishly rubs himself up and down all over the cushions as if he was a cat! It is so cute to watch him do this ritual each time he comes back in from the rain or the wet grass....My other dogs seem to have forgotten this simple pleasure for some reason except for my Kimberly who will occasionally do a similar dance with the sofa cushions when she comes back inside.....He is such a happy boy most of the time....He is feeling so much more confident during his play time outside.....he does not stay so close to the back door as he did in the early days after his arrival to his new home. It is wonderful to see him go exploring with the other dogs in the play yard.......Dogs love to explore, so nice to see Maroo in action some days finding new smells, sights, and sounds in his outdoor world........We take so much for granted with our dogs who are socially adjusted...We do not notice some of the simple pleasures they enjoy on a warm spring day playing in a yard....But when that play has to be learned....we watch that dog for the slightest improvement each day....and hope that progress will be made.....Maroo is making progress in so many areas each day. I am so lucky to be able to share these things with him...even in the rain :)

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