Friday, May 8, 2009

Grass seed-$6.99, Garden tools-$22.99, Fun with a Garden Hose - PRICELESS

There are only a few things in my opinion that need to stay far away from a freshly groomed dog.....Another dog who wants to play rough, laying on a dirty surface, a rainstorm, and a garden hose spraying water at full force..........For the past few weeks I have been re-seeding the dogs play yard with new grass seed since this winter had taken its toll out on a large portion of the lawn and several smaller areas which have become completely bald......When it rains the bald areas become mud and when the areas dry out there is far too much dirt exposed which creates one big dust bowl in the play yard.....So faced with the choice of purchasing a large amount of decorative stones or re-seeding the lawn..........I chose to plant new seeds. Most of the new grass seedling has begun to grow and it is looking fabulous! But there are still a few small areas that need new grass seeded.........(ok where am I going with this you may ask?) This afternoon I blocked off a few more areas with ex-pens and sprinkled the new grass seed down............Once the seed had been carefully sprinkled I then needed to water the areas with the hose to get those tiny grass seeds started with a healthy drink of H2O.........all according to the directions on the seed bag. Now I knew that my Richard absolutely loves water........water in pools, his water bowel, bath time............and water from the garden hose. Last summer we had a ball together when I set up the doggie pool in the play yard for my guys........Most of my dogs would stop by and maybe dip a paw in the refreshing water on a hot and humid summer day..........but Richard would jump in and stand in the middle splashing himself feverishly until he was entirely soaked from his little black nose to the tip of his gorgeous long black tail! We would play game often where I would toss all of his floatable toys into the pool and some of those which did not float and he would actually go diving for the ones that sank to the we are talking about a "kiddie pool" 6 foot deep end :) I would love to watch him submerge his entire head under water fishing for those toys and bringing them up just to toss them onto the grass when came up for air! I never knew that dogs could do what he was doing...........I am certain that he was not holding his breath.......I do not think that connection is made in their logic.............but none the less he would put his entire head under water and search for those toys under he found easy task in a very small pool.

Well today the fun of summer returned as I was watering the grass seed...........but along with Richard and his amusement, Maroo discovered that he too loves to play in water! Based on his trips outside for potty breaks this past week with all of the rain we have had I knew that he was threatened by wet grass or a strong and steady rainfall...........he would run around getting wet and jumping all over the place feeling the refreshing new rain on his legs and paws...........When he would come back into the house I would towel dry him and place him in a warm crate to take the chill off..........I do not need a dog with a cold :)

This afternoon both Richard and Maroo could not get enough of the water coming out of the hose during my watering task............Each time I sprayed an area, there they both were jumping in the way of the spray..........Maroo was trying to eat the water as it came out in a strong steady stream when I adjusted the hose nozzle to change the force.....Of course both Richard and Maroo had been just groomed and were recently completely brushed out...and looked so handsome! Now I had two completed saturated dogs who looked like two drowned rats! The fun that Maroo had was priceless........He was totally relaxed and free of any anxiety........After the watering job was over I towel dried both of them off and we came back inside........I cannot wait until the "dog days" of summer arrive so that I can watch Maroo discover the fun that can be had in a kiddie pool........This is going to be one fun summer around here :)
*UPDATE: Camille sent me an email this evening regarding Sissy#5. Read for yourself this great news!
Hi everyone, Today is a beautiful day - Sissy #5 came home today! With the exception of 7 different meds - you would never know she had been near death a week ago. She is barking right now along with the rest of my crew as the critters are stirring in the property next door......go figure.

The woman who saved the TTs in Missouri will be making a visit to Mr. R's home to see what else she can find out in terms of diet, vaccines, illness etc. She will also be contacting the miller's standard vets to see if any of these dogs were treated for anything in the past. It is a long shot but she is willing to try so that we may be able to figure out what is going on. She will also be asking the vet that treats many of these dogs out in Missouri to do a consultation with my vet to help rule out things and think of more.

But again Sissy is home - no worse for wear just loss of muscle tone which I am sure she will start filling out after a few good meals.

Keep praying


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