Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update on Sissy#5

The following is an update on Sissy#5 as per an email sent by Camille this evening.......Please continue to pray for her!

Sissy #5 had a really good today.....her liver values are down and her bilirubin is down . This is the first time that she was standing in her kennel , wagging her tail giving me the finger when I left her - as if to say "Hey you are leaving me here again today!!)

All her tests came back negative (Babesia, Toxoplasmosis, Lepto etc) - this is not to say that she does not have any of these things as they are extremely hard to detect (even with a full blown Liver biopsy - which she is way to weak and ill to withstand) . She is loaded up many different medications as well as liver support therapy and the vets are not sure which one is having the positive effect. But are not going to wean her off anything until she is stable and eating on her own.

I have been going there daily along with Kathy a wonderful volunteer (thank you Kathy) to either give her love or syringe feed her so that she can tolerate the meds better. She has not eaten on her own for 1 1/2 weeks but is getting about 6oz of food daily since Sunday through a syringe.

So on the surface the news is good but unfortunately we still do not know what is going on or what has caused this but we keep searching so that we may help the others....we may need to choose another one who is affected to do a biopsy on....

In the end please keep hoping and praying for Sissy's full recovery so that she can come home....


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