Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warning: Kleenex will be needed

A few days ago Camille sent me the "slide show" presentation which will be shown this year at the National Specialty Tibetan Terrier show in Colorado....So far I have watched it about 4 times and each time I could not stop crying....I don't know if it is the pictures of all of those sweet faces, the music, or the sad fact that some of those babies are no longer with us and have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.......or all three! I do know that I am so grateful for each that Maroo brings a smile to my face and the tons of kisses he places on my face and neck when I am holding him.....Archie, his father is equally as affectionate and will lay on your lap for hours just loving every minute of it....both boys are so sweet! I meant to do and entry on Memorial Day weekend today since yesterday was our Memorial Day here in the states.......I had so much to write about which went on over the weekend....all good stuff! But I just had to make today's entry of Maroo's blog all about the slide show..........Camille did an awesome job and anyone who watches it will surely be touched by the bittersweet nature of the photos......Here is a link to the presentation.....I hope that you are able to watch it.........Thank you Camille......for all that you have done for these babies! and thank everyone else who has also helped out, you are all Saints in my book!


  1. Thank you for sharing the slideshow, Rus. I cried too. Next time I watch it, I shall have to make sure Stoker is giving me hugs and kisses. The song is so apt too. I don't know what I would have done without him and I know the feeling is mutual. You are all doing wonderful work.

  2. Today, your tip of the day is ear infections. I give my TT fish oil capsules every day to stop the allergic response which leads to scratching and he now has lovely cool ears. Love to Maroo and friends.

  3. Dear emptynester, thank you for all of your kind comments on Maroo's blog! Regards, Rus and Maroo