Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tibetan Mother's Day.......

Today being Mother's Day I did a lot thinking about all the TT mothers I have known in the past and present....With three living in my house right Liza, my Olivia, and my Kimberly. I remember Kimberly's first litter of TT puppies back in 1994. I never dreamed that she would have 12 healthy beautiful puppies with her first whelp! Retired from her show career and a well deserved AKC Champion of record, Motherhood suited her very well...she took excellent care of her babies...And 5 days later my first "Liza" had a litter of 10! Raising 25 TT puppies was a full time job and I was lucky at that time to be working from home......The quality of care that they needed was essential to producing a well rounded, socialized, and happy puppy to go off to their new home when old enough to leave......this work was shared between the TT mom and myself.....TTs moms are wonderful to watch in action with a litter of is amazing to see the progress each day.......and how the bitch knows far more than we give them credit for......nature is amazing at it's best. A year and a half ago history almost repeated itself when my second Liza and her daughter Olivia both had litters of puppies 4 days apart with a grand total of 15! This time I was blessed with plenty of support from family and friends......those puppies were handled and loved on each day and the proof is in the pudding so to speak because both Richard and Nobu are extremely well adjusted dogs today.... But I give much credit to both moms for turning out such wonderful boys. And then I started to think about my Maroo and what sort of relationship he had with his birth mother when she was raising the litter he came from.....Knowing very little about the conditions of the puppy mill, one can only imagine the worse. Out of the "Missouri 18" there were many female TTs......a few older than the others so I wonder if one of those sweet gals could have indeed been his birth mother. I was able to sort out who is Dad is by reading the website of the puppy mill....."Archie" who is a darling boy is listed as his sire. The both do resemble each other in both physical traits and perhaps this is correct information. Maroo has really come far with his ability to play with my other dogs outside in the play since it was a spectacular sunny spring day I let the gang play outside for most of the day........Maroo had the chance to interact with both Liza and Olivia during a number of times while playing outside. He loves to tease the other dogs and engage them in chasing him around the yard........this game is not received well with all of the dogs but Olivia loves to chase him! All of them going back to a puppy play instinct that only they can relate to.........Maroo was part of the litter again today......playing with his litter mates, chasing each other, jumping on each other, and having a ball........Liza layed in the sun on the deck and watched as Olivia and Maroo had a ball.......I am sure that she was thinking what a great daughter Olivia turned out to be....strong and beautiful.........and accepting another as one of her own..........Happy Mother's Day Liza, Olivia, and all are very special moms!

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