Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maroo's new best bud.....

A couple weeks ago when "Webster" was returned to me I was very cautious when letting him play in the yard with the other dogs........There was no cause for me to be concerned based on any behavior he had displayed but when you bring a non-neutered dog into a pack.....even if that dog was raised as a puppy in that pack and left......things can become a bit dicey. Webby's temperament is lovely........he always interacts with other dogs very appropriate and I like to say he has manners! Richard his full brother and litter mate is very similar to him in temperament and personality.......the happy-go-lucky dog! But with 4 intact males in my pack, 2 being my almost 18 month old Nobu and Richard you still have to be very careful.....Of course my girls are perfect little ladies around new dog friends who are sharing the yard and house with them.........and with the boys they can be little flirts :) So I never have to worry about my boy crazy TT girls in the play yard.........And then there is my Maroo and his dad Archie (who I am still fostering)

Maroo, who is always looking for a new dog friend where ever he goes was very enthusiastic when he first met Webby.......almost to the point that I honestly think that he got on Webby's nerves a bit.........all that jumping and following him around and chasing after him if Webby decided to old real fast for Webby......Of course Webby did not become nasty with Maroo but would start to avoid him if they were in the yard at the same time........all of this mostly took place the first week he was back home with me. As the days passed by I noticed that Webby and Maroo started forming their own games while playing and Webster would be searching out Maroo in the play yard instead of hiding from him.....These past 3 or 4 days I have seen them running after each other switching who was chasing who every minute or so.........almost like a game of "tag" Maroo has learned when I let Webby out to play and with which other dogs.........If he is not included with that group, Maroo will become very vocal and let me know that he wants to be included with that group so that he and his new best bud can play together! If dogs could smile and most people believe that they really can, Maroo's face lights up when he is out there in the play yard in the middle of a game with Webster.....and of course Webster has found a new pal in Maroo......someone who looks up to him and can run as fast as the wind!

The picture posted above is Webster when he was a few weeks old.........A very cute puppy who has grown up to be a very handsome TT!

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  1. TTs have a particlar way of playing, don't they?
    It tag, its roughplay, its almost like two martial artists training. They say they are reincarnated monks. Peaceful warriors continuing their training. (smile). I do my best to play like this with my Stoker but I think he needs a pal. How many do you have in your pack now?