Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Rags to Riches...

It is amazing to think that in a few short weeks Maroo has gone from living in the most horrific conditions to where he is right now.....My home is modest compared to most but all of my dogs are treated like the kings and queens that they are......this now includes "Prince Maroo" Yesterday I was asked by a very close friend to show her dog over in York Pa during a four day cluster of seems that "Calvin" was not living up to his potential the previous days and since I have worked with him for over a year now and know how to push his buttons I was glad to help out......Well early this morning I decided that I would bring Maroo along for the ride and since he needs all the exposure to new things, a dog show would be something that he just might enjoy......he loves other dogs! He handled the very long ride in the SUV very well by resting on my lap for the trip.......I did not drive of course. We stopped to get gas once we were closer to the show site and I took him out for a short exercise walk and he seemed to enjoy the new smells and new sounds......Once we arrived at the show site I brought Maroo inside the building and placed him in a travel crate just like so many of the other dogs who were at the show.........He handled this very well and rested comfortably in the crate.......I even offered him some of my bagel and cream cheese which he took gladly! This dog loves bagels by the way :) After I finished showing Calvin I brought Maroo outside to exercise and he seemed to be not as afraid of things as he has been in our short past.........His attention was geared toward any dog that passed him and not so much on the people he encountered.........I held him in my arms while a few people spoke to him and even tried to touch him..........he does not turn away as quickly as he as done in the first few days but will stare back at them, not with empty eyes..........still not totally sure of himself with strangers but he is coming along and today's trip was a good one.........During the ride home both of us napped in the SUV together.........It was a good day!...........oh, and by the way, Calvin won!

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