Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Green and Black Ball

Last night I brought Maroo with me to the class I teach each week....Each Wed evening I teach obedience and show handling to a group of really great students and their awesome dogs! So Maroo felt right at home with all of those dogs he could make friends with. He sat on my friend Susan E's lap while I was teaching and he even made a new friend with Susan....When class was over I came home and let Maroo run in the yard since it was still early in the evening......the dog yard is normally littered with toys, Frisbees, bones etc....about a year ago a friend gave this really cool green and black ball to one of my dogs and up until now not one of them has played with it....while Maroo was checking things out in the yard last night he found this ball way in the corner of the yard where it has been for weeks now.....once covered with snow now melted it stuck out like a green and black sore thumb sitting other guys could care less about it.......must be not too interesting to them :) But for some reason Maroo found this ball to be the greatest thing last night! So I decided to see how he would do if I threw it? Would he retrieve it and bring it back? Well the ball went out into the yard about 20 feet and Maroo watched it like a hawk as it flew through the air.....his ears pricked up and he dashed right out to the spot where it had landed........He then picked the ball up in his mouth and flew right back to me and dropped it at my feet! I was shocked.....I had no idea that this little guy would do this......So I continued to throw the ball out there and each time he would run out and find it.

I was amazed that this little guy caught onto this game so fast.........I know that some dogs are natural retrievers but since it was highly unlikely that Maroo ever had the chance to play this game he blew me away with how fast he caught on to it.

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