Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just had to call someone....

Last night around 11pm after all of the dogs went out in the yard for the last time they continued their play in the family room for awhile. As I was sitting on the sofa watching some TV my Adam jumped up on the sofa and decided to lay down next to me......Maroo who had been playing with Adam nonstop for about 30 minutes also jumped up on the sofa and also decided to lay down right next to Adam as if he was Adam's little brother.......both of them started licking each others faces and once this stopped they both settled down to sleep. As Adam was laying there with Maroo he placed is front leg over Maroo as if he was hugging him and keeping him close and safe....I was so moved by this that I picked up my phone and called my good friend answer............then called my good friend answer.........then called my sister Gerrill........she did answer :) I just had to tell someone about this episode between both of these sweet boys. Adam can be a tough dog. He always does not take well to other males.......he only has had real issues with my Luca in the past but I still do not always feel 100% sure when he is around a new male........But this morning when Susan called me back she reminded me of Adam's behavior when there has been new puppies born in this house. He has always been a wonderful caregiver to those new them and playing with them and loving them! Susan pointed out that since Maroo has been so developmentally damaged in the past that he is almost like a puppy in many ways...........I also have thought about this......but I think she hit the nail on the head.........Adam is mentoring this little guy and really cares about him. Of course Maroo has found a hero in Adam.......a bigger dog who shows him stuff and teaches him the ropes of the pack. My other dogs, mostly the girls have been very patient with Maroo as well but so far have not shown any emotional feelings good or bad..........Sabrina I think feels she has a little brother to torment and tease........she would never hurt him but before he arrived in my arms here last week, She was the smallest dog in the house, and knew it! It has been one week since I brought Maroo home with me........The progress in this past week has been great, He has lost that dead look in his eyes around me and with some people he sees on a regular basis.......I just know he is going to make it!

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