Monday, March 23, 2009

A visit to the kennel

Yesterday on Sunday afternoon I took a trip to the kennel where the remaining Tibetan Terrier rescue dogs still are being cared for. Camille met me there around 1pm....I was so happy to see that most of the dogs with the exception of "Fred" (a 5 year old male) who is still having difficulty with sad it was to see him all by himself away from the gang pacing back and forth along the fence....I did go over to him a few times and placed my hand on his neck and stroked his coat gently so that he would know it was ok....he had no problem with me doing this but was very apprehensive about moving anywhere other than his spot near the fence....I could not help but to think of how far Maroo has come in the past few weeks since he has been out of the kennel. He now will come a little further when meeting new people and not look so "zoned out" when strangers approach him....At work when I bring him to the grooming salon he now accepts treats from Mari which was something he would not do a week ago! Also when clients come into the salon he has been coming a bit closer to them to check out who they are and what kind of dog they have brought in with them....He adores all dogs and loves to play with them! What a bright spot he has put into my day when he is with me....his eyes even have a sparkle to them now when he is happy!

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  1. I've written extensively about Tibetan Terriers. These dogs are so sweet, I don't see how anyone could abuse them. Hopefully, he will come around and begin to trust people again.