Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The boy knows how to play!

Recently right before my eyes, Maroo has become "Mr Personality" in the play yard! He has always preferred dog over people from day one but I have noticed that lately he really is spending more time away from the back door and more time in the actual yard interacting with the other dogs.....Of course all of the dogs have been very patient and polite with him since his play skills left something to be desired at first but now it is very appropriate and actually pretty funny! He loves to weave himself under the bigger dogs and then jump on the backs of those he can and ride them around like a circus dog! This is one of the cutest things I think I have seen him do since he has come into my life........Once in awhile he will over step his boundaries and tick one of the girls off by being a bit too enthusiastic but they are never mean to him......It really is great seeing the progress he has been making now that the daylight is much longer at the end of the day and my guys can stay out in the yard playing on a warm spring evening.....Inside the house he has always been pretty good about picking and choosing toys and other dogs to amuse himself with.........But he has had spacial issues outside which are finally beginning to resolve! I could not be happier.........

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