Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Van for all seasons.........

I decided to give my boy Maroo a break for a few days since he has had some much happen to him since he has come to live with me and my other dogs.....I have been bringing him non stop to work with me, rides in the car if I have to go somewhere, to a few dog shows, visiting friends, and to class when I teach obedience..........he has had much happen in such a short time. A break was needed and I am glad that he has had this time to become accustomed to staying home when I am not with him.........He has made this adjustment very well. He still has issues in the play yard especially during the daylight hours........people in the next yard over or loud noises in the area still stress him to the point that he wants to keep running up onto the deck trying to get back into the house..........He ignores the other dogs in the yard with him at this point........I carefully monitor him during these times from the door which opens into the yard.....He has not tried to escape from the yard but I want him to know that I am there watching him so that he knows that he is safe. He has been very good in the house and keeps his crate very clean........amazing since prior to this he had NO crate training......I feed him all his meals in his crate also which with dogs is a smart thing to do because instinctively dogs will not soil where they eat.......unless it is the lazy owner who does not listen or watch for the clues dogs give them when it is time to go potty outside.........he still is a lover boy and just loves giving kisses! He also loves to cuddle on the sofa while I am watching TV or working on my laptop. The other dogs seem to enjoy interacting with him during play and while running in the yard........He fits right in as he did during the first days he was here. I have also noticed recently that he has put on some weight! and his coat is becoming very shiny......amazing what good nutrition can do! This week I had to get a new mode of transportation since the transmission in my car is going to die any day now.....So I bought a very good and gently used Chevy Astro Van.........Perfect for the dogs and my business and the dog shows! Maroo has not been in the van yet but tomorrow I will be taking him to work so he will have his first experience in a Chevy :)

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