Monday, April 13, 2009

Like Father, Like Son....

I am totally thrilled that Susan and Ira decided to foster "Archie" who is the Father of Maroo! This all happened in the blink of an eye between yesterday and today.......During our visit to the shelter yesterday Susan and I discussed the possibility of fostering Archie before he becomes adopted out to his "forever home" She needed the green light from Ira her husband first before jumping into this commitment.....Since Ira knows how important these rescue dogs are to her he agreed to bring Archie into their home.........So this morning with Maroo coming along for the ride we headed out to meet Camille at the shelter......Archie who is very sweet and fairly social greeted us when we stepped into the play yard.......almost like he knew we were coming back for him today! The ride back home in the van went very well......Archie sat on Susan's lap the entire time while Maroo kept giving him kisses every once in awhile......He handled the drive home with ease and did not seem to be distressed at all. After I dropped Susan and Ira off at their home I headed over to my house to begin the grooming process on Archie....His coat was a bit matted and tangled in places and he was in need of a good bath since he had been playing with his other TT family members at the shelter all week.....Once he was placed in the tub and the warm water started hitting his legs and feet he stood there and took the experience in stride.......He was very good about having his head and face washed as well........No trying to jump out of the tub what so ever! Once this part of the experience was completed we headed over to the grooming table to begin drying him with the power dryer......this was a bit unsettled for him because I have the feeling he never had a blow dryer used on his coat before.....with lots of words of encouragement and praise we got the job done! After he was dry I trimmed his feet and face up a bit to make him look more handsome then he already looked :) A stylish bandanna and a spritz of CK9 cologne finished the job! He looked awesome! Coat all shiny and smooth with no mats or tangles left to be found........At this point I decided to introduce him to my TT gang because they were just going nuts to meet this new little the play yard all went one got their nose out of joint and they all accepted him as one of the family! I called Susan to let her know how well he had done and then brought him over to the office where both of us needed to work this evening.......At the office Archie was "Mr Personality" with all of the new people he met........showing off his new look and bandanna the entire time :) He eventually fell asleep under my desk on the bed that I had brought here for Maroo when he comes to work with me........Right now he is resting .........He had a very busy day........and the best it yet to come....when he goes home with Susan after our work night is over.

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